Insulin Dependent and Non-Insulin Dependent

For the #1 CARB you should AVOID like Ebola CLICK HERE

#1 DIABETES MYTH: If you have Diabetes, you should AVOID CARBS.

A: UNTRUE, For Type 1 Carbs need to be consistent, so that predictability is a constant. Trouble comes when we dont know how much insulin to dose when blood sugar is variably UP and DOWN.

For purely Type 2 Diabetes, The types of Carbohydrates you eat and Total Caloric Intake is paramount to control. WEIGHT LOSS is usually the MOST important factor, you make insulin but your body blocks that Insulin from pushing the Sugar into the Cells that need it. Body fat is the roadblock for Insulin.

Welcome and Thx for Clicking through to our Site, If you are seeking Professional Consultation with Us for Control of your Diabetes, You have come to the right place. Treatment from Diet Control and/or Weight Loss to Insulin Therapy is what we specialize in. 
If there is ANY way to get off Insulin or to Avoid It, we can show you how. Many Docs fail to address many Nutritional options as well as recent Dietary advances to maximize your Natural Innate Potential.

If you are TYPE 1 and Insulin Dependent, we can show you how to optimize your medication regimen to avoid Glucose variability and increase predictability.

  • Continuous glucose monitoring, Personal CGM vs Professional for Evaluation of BS trends
  • Certified Diabetic Educator in Office
  • Insulin Pump Initiation and Management
  • Long / Short Acting Insulin Therapy
  • Low Glycemic Index Dietary Lifestyle Changes
  • Weight Management- Rx and/or Diet in Treating Diabetes
  • NON-Invasive Continuous Glucose monitors GlucoWise™ 
Type I vs. Type II


*Frequently Type I and Type II overlap, where Type II becomes Type I. The natural progression of Type II Diabetes is to decline to Type I over time. This is why it is urged to get treatment EARLY when you are considered Pre-Diabetes.

Some of the more recent Players in Pharmaceutical treatment of Diabetes that are NOT Insulin.

  • GLP-1
  • Exendin-4: A Salivary Gland Hormone in the Gila Monster
  • Byetta
  • Bydureon®
  • Victoza®

The Latest and Greatest in Insulin Pump Therapy and Continuous Glucose Monitoring CGM

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