Testo.Chart_Low-T, so much media attention lately about Testosterone Deficiency. 100% Hormonal Axis Evaluations to explore the full gamut.

We offer comprehensive workup. Consider, when deciding where to go when Testosterone may be lacking that there are other factors to consider besides just Testosterone.

A relationship showing the NATURAL progression of testosterone over a lifetime. This not withstanding ABNORMAL variants.

  • Testosterone, TOTAL and FREE levels
  • Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, So Called “Normal” levels does not address this issue. [As we age, akin to hearing loss, hormone levels sometimes need to be even higher to overcome a loss of sensitivity from receptors]
  • LH and FSH the hypothalamic stimulators of Testosterone production
  • Dihydrotestosterone[DHT], the offshoot production of a form of testosterone that causes Hair Loss and Prostate enlargement
  • DHEA, this is yet another form of testosterone proiduced in the liver. Deficient levels are linked to similar symptoms as Low-T
  • Estradiol, some people convert testosterone to this Female Hormone
  • Cortisol, is suppressed by testosterone, likewise Cortisol can suppress testosterone if aberrant endogenous production.
  • Sperm Production, correcting or supplementing testosterone can drop the count. One may opt for HCG or Clomiphene as alt.


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